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Little Living Room Issue 1 Home



This wee zine is crammed with goodness.

​Publications include:

Painting / Photography / Illustration / Poetry / Prose / Short Stories / Creative Writing Series / Essays / Recipes / How to's / DIYA

Read on for a little more about this Edinburgh based collective.

Their website.


Little Living Room is a collective of creatives which aims to support collaboration of people from a range of backgrounds. We aim to diversify through setting up projects that create connection between nationalities, genders, social class and age.

Art is for everyone in one form or another, we shouldn’t have to fit into or tick boxes to gain support. Arts therapy is my tool to bridge the gap between those with access to creative exploration and those who are and have been denied this opportunity. Everyone is a creative. We deserve to explore our capabilities to make sense of this world and ourselves.

Magazine Submission

Submit your work to little living room.

it will take you to a google form, where you can tell us your name, email, a little about yourself and your art, and submit images of up to 5 pieces of art for us to choose from!

if you have any questions, feel free to email !

We are excited to include you and make space for art!