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EAS Art Kit Acrylic Starter Plus


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EAS Art Kits to save you searching for the ingredients. Included with the materials is a handy drawstring bag to keep everything together. You can even personalise the bag for yourself or use as a surface to print on to and gift to another. Worth £30 +

1x Pro Arte Set Polar 31WA x 4 W/C + Acrylic A nice quality starter brush set for using with watercolours, gouache, ink & acrylics. Always make sure they are washed immediately after use.

1x *NEW SKETCHBOOK* EAS/SW A5 Landscape Plein Air 225gsm Watercolour Sketchbook. Created for urban and field sketching. It's a lovely treat for yourself or as a gift to another.
20 sheets - 225gsm watercolour paper. Wire-o bound with attractive hardbacked poplin covers, and versatile NOT (Cold pressed) finish paper. Easy to carry with closer wire and rounded corners - perfect for sketching on the go.

1x Basics great student-quality line, made for everyday use by all kinds of artists. Featuring Basics medium-consistency acrylic paint, this set contains six useful colours to help build your palette.

Set contents
12 x 22ml Basics Acrylic -Primary Yellow • Primary Red • Primary Blue • Phthalocyanine Green • Mars Black • Titanium White • Cadmium Orange Hue • Alizarin Crimson Permanent Hue • Dioxazine Purple • Light Green Permanent • Burnt Sienna • Burnt Umber

1x Staedtler Propelling Pencil Graphite 777 which is a handy refillable pencil (0.7 leads only) for sketching out before you get painting. The barrel colour may vary.

Other items you might want to purchase with this kit would be a mixing palette although you can use plastic tubs or old dishes that might otherwise end up in the recycling. Your take away food containers can be quite useful.

There are a huge variety of mediums that can be used to mix with acrylic paint but using water or as they are can suffice for many artists.

You can paint acrylics onto canvases, wooden cradled panels and canvas boards which you can find in the Canvas section.