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EAS Art Kit Printmaking Starter



With so many products available it can be quite overwhelming to find what you need so we've made up some EAS Art Kits to help get you started. This Printmaking one has quite a good bundle for you to get going. Included with the materials is a handy drawstring bag to keep everything together. You can even personalise the bag for yourself or use as a surface to print on to and gift to another.

The Goods

1 x Essdee Set Lino Block Printing Essential Kit. Which is pretty much ' Everything you need to begin your first steps into relief printing ' The Essdee block printing essentials kit contains a selection of good quality tools and equipment which provide you with all the essentials you need for block printing.


2x SoftCut Carving Blocks 150x105mm
Safety Lino Cutter
Essdee Ink Roller with Purple Handle (65mm wide)
Baren Base and Cap
Lino Cutter No.1
Lino Cutter No.2
Lino Handle with Aluminium Ferrule
100ml Premium Block Printing Ink (Black)

There will also be an additional smaller sized Soft Cut Lino (sometimes larger) plus an extra Lino Cutter Blade.

1x Uni-Pin Fineliner Pen to mark out your design either onto the sketchbook book or if you are brave enough, straight onto the lino.

1x EAS Pad Soft Kraft A4 Sewn Cream Stitch. These softback sketchbooks have a sewn spine and rounded corners. They are a great mixed media sketchbook that can handle some paint too, even watercolour as long as the paper isn't saturated with too much water. So great for test prints or final piece.

1x Sheet of Acetate in A4 to roll out the ink. We stock ink trays if you wish to add something more sturdy. Or you might have something kicking about at home like an old tray.

1x EAS Drawstring Bag Natural Cotton. Fits A4 plus sized goods so you can easily squeeze some paints and a thicker sketchbook in and they won't get lost in your rucksack.

1 x Staedtler Propelling Pencil Graphite 777. A sketching out designs essential. You can replace the leads once you run out too.

For additional items you can check out the PRINTMAKING INK & TOOLS category.

Ingredients to kits may vary. We will usually amend the description immediately on here but will inform you if there are any changes after ordering. Please email us if you have any queries.